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Form 990 Schedule B


Schedule B is necessary for organizations striving to maintain transparency and compliance with the IRS. It is generally filed by tax-exempt organizations and Private foundations to report contributions they received.

In this resource article, we help understand Schedule B by clarifying who must file, the filing requirements, and addressing commonly asked questions.

Table of Contents

  • What is Schedule B?
  • Schedule B filing Requirements
    • Part I - Contributors
    • Part II - NonCash Property
    • Part III - Exclusively religious, charitable, etc., contributions to organizations described in section 501(c)(7), (8), or (10) that total more than $1,000 for the year from a single contributor

What is Schedule B?

Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors is a supplementary schedule filed annually by tax-exempt organizations (Form 990/990-EZ) and private foundations (Form 990-PF) for reporting significant contributions received by the organization during the tax year.

It contains detailed information about donors who contribute $5,000 or more during the reporting period, including their names, addresses, and contribution amounts.

Who must file Schedule B?

Not all tax-exempt organizations are mandated to file Schedule B. However, those falling under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, encompassing charitable, educational, and religious organizations, must adhere to this requirement.

If your exempt organization or private foundation receives substantial contributions meeting or exceeding the $5,000 threshold from a single donor, Schedule B becomes a necessary filing obligation. You must be attached along with your information return.

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Schedule B filing Requirements

All Section 501(c)(3) and Section 527 organizations that file Form 990/990-EZ or Form 990-PF must complete and attach Schedule B along with their information return.

Below, we have provided Schedule B filing requirements for each part.

Part I - Contributors

To complete this section, organizations should provide details about the contributors who contributed more than $5000 in the tax year.

It includes providing the following details

  • Name and address of the contributor
  • Total contribution
  • Type of contribution (Person, payroll, noncash)

Part II - NonCash Property

If the organization reported any NonCash type of contributions in Part I (Contributors), they should provide more details about those non-cash contributions in this part.

The details include:

  • Description of noncash property, which are the details about the property received from the contributor.
  • Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Date received - the date on which the property was received from the contributor.

Part III - Exclusively religious, charitable, etc., contributions to organizations described in section 501(c)(7), (8), or (10) that total more than $1,000 for the year from a single contributor

Only Section 501(c)(7), (8), or (10) organizations that received contributions (gifts) exclusively for religious, charitable, etc., purposes should report that information in this part.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Schedule B plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability. It provides the IRS and the public with detailed information about significant contributions, fostering trust and integrity within the nonprofit sector.

For each donor contributing $5,000 or more, organizations must disclose the following information.

  • Name and address of the contributor
  • Total contribution
  • Type of contribution

Yes. Schedule B is open to public inspection for an organization that files Form 990-PF and for a Section 527 political organization that files Form 990 or 990-EZ.

However, don't include the social security numbers of contributors as this information may be made public.