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Easily e-file your IRS Form 1099-B for the 2023 tax year

TaxZerone simplifies the process of filing your 1099-B forms online and distributing recipient copies without any hassle.

E-file Form 1099-B

Takes less than 5 minutes

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Start for as low as $2.49, with rates decreasing to $0.59 per form for larger quantities.

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3 Simple steps to complete your Form 1099-B e-filing

Filing information returns is effortless with TaxZerone

3 Simple steps to complete your Form 1099-B e-filing
  • Fill out Form 1099-B

    Fill out Form 1099-B

    Fill out the required fields, including your and the recipient’s information, description of the property, date of sale, proceeds from the sale, etc.

  • Review & transmit the return

    Review & transmit the return

    Review the return and make sure it’s accurate. Then, transmit it to the IRS.

  • Send the recipient copy

    Send the recipient copy

    Share the recipient copy by email effortlessly.

E-file Form 1099-B

Takes only 3 steps

Top reasons to choose TaxZerone for Form 1099-B e-filing

See how TaxZerone simplifies your information return filing.

Smart IRS validations

Smart IRS validations

TaxZerone conducts real-time validation checks to ensure your 1099-B forms adhere to IRS standards, preventing costly errors and potential rejections.

Supports bulk upload

Supports bulk upload

Effortlessly upload multiple form entries and eliminates the necessity for manual data input. Streamline your e-filing process, whether you have just a few forms or hundreds to process.

Email recipient copies

Email recipient copies

Easily send recipient copies via email to save time and resources and ensure recipients receive them promptly.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

TaxZerone offers the most competitive rates based on your return volume. Stay IRS-compliant with reliable our e-filing service—all without breaking the bank.

Simplified form-based filing

Simplified form-based filing

Simplify the e-filing process by using a straightforward form-based approach. Avoid navigating through complex interfaces and complete your filing as easily as if you were filling out a physical form.

Assisted filing

Assisted filing

Get step-by-step instructions to accurately complete your filing and ensure error-free submissions with assistance available at every stage of the process.

Choose TaxZerone for a seamless and efficientForm 1099-B e-filing experience

Say yes to an effortless and efficient e-filing experience. Say yes to TaxZerone.

E-file Form 1099-B

Takes 3 steps and less than 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Form 1099-B?

Form 1099-B is a tax form used to report sales or exchanges of certain securities or investment property by brokers and barter exchange transactions. It provides information about the proceeds from these transactions, including the date of sale, cost basis, and any gain or loss realized.

2. Who needs to file Form 1099-B?

Brokers and barter exchanges are required to file Form 1099-B to report transactions conducted on behalf of their clients. Additionally, individuals who are engaged in trading securities or investment property may also need to file Form 1099-B if they are not using the services of a broker.

3. When is the deadline to file Form 1099-B?

Below is a detailed breakdown of Form 1099-B deadlines for the 2023 tax year:
  • The deadline to share recipient copies: February 15, 2024
  • The deadline to file Form 1099-B (if you’re paper filing): February 28, 2024
  • The deadline to file Form 1099-B (if you’re e-filing): April 01, 2024

4. What information is required to e-file Form 1099-B?

The following information is required to e-file Form 1099-B:
  • Business details
  • Recipient details
  • Interest income
  • Early withdrawal penalty
  • Amounts of bonds or treasury obligations
  • Investment expenses