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E-File Form 2290 Suspended Vehicles for FREE

Why spend money when you don’t owe any HVUT?

With TaxZerone, you can e-file Form 2290 for your suspended vehicles for FREE and get your IRS-stamped Schedule 1 copy in minutes.

No HVUT. No Filing Fee*

Get Schedule 1 copy for FREE

*For suspended trucks.

What is a suspended vehicle?

If a heavy vehicle doesn’t meet the mileage threshold set by the IRS, it qualifies as “suspended,” meaning you’re exempt from paying the HVUT. Generally, vehicles that travel fewer than 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) during the tax period are considered suspended and are not required to pay the HVUT.

However, owners of suspended vehicles still need to file Form 2290 to inform the IRS of their exempt status.

Who Qualifies for a Suspended Vehicle Exemption?

Own a heavy vehicle that rarely hits the road? You might qualify for a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) exemption!

Here's who qualifies:

  • Your vehicle weighs over 55,000 pounds.
  • You've driven it less than 5,000 miles (or 7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles) in the tax year.

If that sounds like your situation, you don't owe any HVUT, but you still need to file Form 2290 with the IRS to claim your exemption (Category W).

Who Qualifies for a Suspended Vehicle Exemption?

Don't waste time and money on paid filing services! File your Form 2290 with TaxZerone today and keep your tax filing smooth and easy.

E-file Form 2290 for FREE

Get Schedule 1 copy in minutes

Why Should You Choose TaxZerone?

Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free

No hidden fees, no surprise charges.



TaxZerone is an IRS-authorized e-file service provider.

Accurate & Secure

Accurate & Secure

We ensure your information is safe and your filing is error-free.

E-file Form 2290

E-file Form 2290

Skip the hassle of paper forms – file electronically for faster processing.

Stay compliant

Stay compliant

Ensure the IRS knows your vehicle is exempt and avoid potential penalties.

Get your IRS-stamped Schedule 1 for FREE in 3 simple steps

TaxZerone simplifies Form 2290 e-filing for suspended vehicles, so you can get back on the road quickly.

Receive your IRS-stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1 with ease in just 3 simple steps.
  • Enter form information

    Enter form information

    Enter the required information, such as name, EIN, VIN, taxable gross weight, and first used month (FUM).

  • Review the tax return

    Review the tax return

    Review the information provided for accuracy and edit if there are errors.

  • Transmit & get Schedule 1

    Transmit & get Schedule 1

    Transmit your return to the IRS and get your stamped Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS processes your return.

File Your Free Form 2290 Now!

E-File Form 2290 on the go…

Mobile apps tailored for truckers seeking to e-file Form 2290 effortlessly.

  • Securely e-file Form 2290 for your suspended vehicles.
  • Access your filed Form 2290 and Schedule 1 at any time.
  • Receive instant confirmation and updates on your filing status.
  • User-friendly dashboard to manage multiple vehicles and businesses.

Install our app today and experience the convenience of e-filing Form 2290, right from your mobile device!

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Instant IRS-stamped Schedule 1 copy

E-File Form 2290 on the go…

Save Time and Money with TaxZerone

Claim your tax exemption for your suspended vehicles by e-filing Form 2290 with the IRS.

E-file Form 2290 for FREE

Get Schedule 1 copy in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cost for e-filing Form 2290 for suspended vehicles with TaxZerone?

No, e-filing Form 2290 for suspended vehicles with TaxZerone is completely free of charge. You can file your Form 2290 and get your Schedule 1 copy at no cost.

2. How long does it take to receive the Schedule 1 copy after e-filing?

With TaxZerone, you can receive your IRS-stamped Schedule 1 copy in just minutes after the IRS processes your Form 2290.

3. Do I need to file Form 2290 even if my vehicle qualifies for a suspended exemption?

Yes, owners of suspended vehicles are still required to file Form 2290 with the IRS to inform them of their exempt status. Failure to file may result in penalties and fines.

3. Can I use TaxZerone to file Form 2290 for vehicles that do not qualify for a suspended exemption?

Absolutely! TaxZerone supports e-filing for all types of heavy vehicles, whether they qualify for a suspended exemption or not. You can use TaxZerone to fulfill your Form 2290 filing requirements regardless of your vehicle's status. You can also file Form 2290 amendments and Form 8849 for your business.
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