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Form 941 Due Date

As a business owner, one of your quarterly responsibilities is completing Federal Form 941. To be compliant and avoid IRS penalties, you must file Form 941 every quarter without fail.

Here, we'll go over the details of Form 941 and how to file the return with the IRS.

Table of Contents

  • What is Form 941?

What is Form 941?

Employers must file IRS Form 941, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, to report the federal income taxes withheld from employees, and employers' part of Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes.

Each quarter, the employer should file Form 941. Typically, the Form 941 deadline falls on the last day of the month following the reporting quarter.

As an employer, you are required to file Form 941 before the deadline regardless of whether you have tax amounts to report for a quarter or not, thus you must e-file Form 941 with zero tax amounts.

You are excluded from filing Form 941 if:

  • You are a seasonal employer who did not pay your employees any wages or tips during the reporting quarter.
  • You have closed your business and submitted your final tax return.
  • You are an agriculture employer. The IRS requires you to file Form 943 each year.

When is the deadline for filing Form 941?

To avoid penalties, you must be aware of the Federal Form 941 deadline before filing. The quarterly Form 941 deadlines are listed below.

QuarterReporting PeriodDue Date
Quarter 1Jan, Feb, and MarApril 30
Quarter 2Apr, May, and JunJuly 31
Quarter 3Jul, Aug, and SepOctober 31
Quarter 4Oct, Nov, and DecJanuary 31

If you have deposited the taxes timely and in full, you can file the form before the 10th of the second month of your quarter's end.

For example, you have to report the wages paid during the second quarter on or before July 31. If you make your tax deposits on time and in full, you can file Form 941 by the 10th of the second month following the quarter's end. If your deposits for the second quarter are made on schedule and in whole, you can complete Form 941 by August 10.

Form 941 Penalty

Penalties may be imposed for failure to file, failure to pay taxes owed, or late filing/payment. Penalties are calculated as a percentage of the tax payable. Some common Form 941 fines are:

Penalty typeRateApplies toMaximum
Quarter 1 (January-March)5% per month (up to 5 months)Unpaid tax amount25% of unpaid tax
Failing to file (more than 60 days late)Lesser of $435 or 100% of tax dueTotal tax dueNA
Failing to deposit taxes on time2%1 to 5 days lateNA
Failing to deposit taxes on time5%6 to 15 days lateNA
Failing to deposit taxes on time10%16 days late or within 10 days of IRS noticeNA
Failing to deposit taxes on time15%More than 10 days after IRS noticeNA

How to file Form 941 for the 2023 tax year?

You can file Form 941 either by paper filing or electronic filing.

E-filing Form 941

E-filing Form 941 is quick, easy, and safe. Here are some of the advantages of e-filing:

  • Automatically calculates tax dues.
  • Instant confirmation that the return was accepted.
  • Smooth and efficient e-filing experience.

You can e-file using an IRS-authorized e-file service provider, such as TaxZerone.

Paper Filing Form 941

If you choose the classic paper filing method, perform these steps:

  • Download Form 941 from IRS.gov.
  • Complete all of the needed information on the form.
  • Mail the completed Form 941 to the IRS address.

How to avoid IRS Form 941 late filing penalties and interest?

To stay away from Form 941 late filing penalties and interest, do the following:

  • Pay your taxes on time based on your deposit schedule.
  • Complete Form 941 and file it on time.
  • Report the correct tax liability.
  • Attach only valid checks to pay your tax.

E-File Form 941 with TaxZerone

Employers can e-file Form 941 easily with TaxZerone by following a few simple steps. Just enter the required information, review the form, and transmit it directly to the IRS. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Why choose TaxZerone to e-file Form 941?

Check out how TaxZerone simplifies Form 941 filing for your business.

  • IRS-authorized
  • Smart validations
  • Instant notifications
  • Lowest price
  • Supports Schedule B & Form 8974
  • Easy e-filing

Ready to simplify your quarterly payroll tax filing?

E-file Form 941 with the IRS using TaxZerone and stay tax compliant.

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